April 19, 2024

Welcome new store The Lingerie Company!

We are very excited to welcome a new store into our Mitcham Square! The Lingerie Company. They stock the brands that you cannot find elsewhere in Adelaide—chic, luxurious, and most importantly comfortable!

The Lingerie Company owner, Annie Warland, has worked with lingerie fitting for more than 25 years, and her shop here in Mitcham Square, has one simple mission: Give Adelaide women the support they need, one bra at a time.

Where luxury lingerie meets the epitome of comfort and support. The Lingerie Company invite you to experience the difference, to celebrate your femininity, and to reclaim the joy of finding lingerie that fits your body, your lifestyle, and your aspirations. Welcome to a new standard of lingerie shopping… right here at our Mitcham Square.

Visit their website to find out more